Four Little Words

… I couldn’t believe it – the boy was dead! For a split second my mind flashed back to our arrival at the pool. Was this really happening ? I asked myself..


The sun was out in full force when our family decided to go swimming in the local hot springs. Packing three kids into the car is never easy and the 45 minute drive through country roads seemed more like hours, but we finally arrived, and just in the nick of time.

As I was paying our entry fee, a complete stranger came rushing inside the office, panting and completely out of breath. “There’s a kid!…” he gasped frantically. “He drowned! He’s dead! Call the ambulance! Get some bloody help!”

I took flight with natural instinct and ran towards the pool, glancing toward my wife as I sprinted out of the office. She rolled her eyes with a “here we go again…” look. She knew I was always one to run off and volunteer to assist someone in need of help. It was my purest instinct to do so, no matter what the circumstances were.

I sprinted down the driveway and then leapt over the steel fence into the pool area. A small crowd had now gathered as panic-stricken children were being ushered away by their parents. A girl was screaming hysterically, another boy crying into his mother’s arms. In the middle of the confusion lay a small, limp, lifeless child with his father kneeling at his head, frantically calling his name. There was a distraught lifeguard at his side and I spotted the boy’s mother pacing up and down as a friend tried to comfort her. It felt surreal to be calmly entering this scene as stunned and shocked onlookers were rushing away to escape the horror.

I stood over the kid to assess the situation. The boy’s brown skin had now started to turn various shades of blue and purple around his lips and extremities. He was completely lifeless and his father was clutching his limp hand as bystanders stood looking helpless and lost in grief.

The adrenalin in my system slowed time down to a halt. The boy was dead! I thought to myself before snapping out of my mini-flashback.

“Has anyone checked the airway?” I called out.

“Huh?,” the stunned lifeguard replied.

“Airway, we gotta check that it’s clear!” I looked to his mum, “What was he doing?”

Someone from the crowd spoke up. “He was eating a sausage and jumped in…”

By some force I found myself upon my knees opening the four-year-old’s mouth to check the airway. I saw the end of a sausage lodged in his throat  & hooked it partially out with my finger. Lumps of chewed meat mixed with blood fell out on to the pavement. I didn’t flinch at the gore before me.

“What else have you guys tried?”

“We did CPR and breathing…” said the agitated lifeguard, who was now showing signs of shock himself.

Realising that their efforts had probably blown more food down into the boy’s airway, I knew time was running out.

“We have to clear this kid’s air passage. I need you to do the Heimlich manoeuvre…”

Without a question, the lifeguard hauled the boy to his chest and crunched into his ribs a couple of times as I placed my hand on the father’s shoulder for comfort.

The lifeguard then laid the kid back on the ground and I checked his mouth again. As I hooked and pulled out another piece of sausage, the child’s body convulsed, and he vomited. I was pleased to see a return of some bodily functions, but nonetheless the boy was turning increasingly blue and lifeless. There was no pulse upon my fingertips as I monitored his vital signs.

Instinctively the lifeguard blew deep into the boy’s mouth, but there was still no inflation of the chest.

I called for the Heimlich manoeuvre to be performed again. The lifeguard heaved the little boy inwards like a sack of spuds. By now his body had turned very blue and I saw his mother walking away, howling, before sitting down in complete shock under the shelter. 

“You have to save my son,” the boy’s father begged.

“Yep,” I replied confidently, but I had no idea if we would be able to save him. This was the worst situation I had ever seen ever. With years of lifeguard training behind me, had witnessed many sea rescues, but I’d never needed to bring anyone back from the dead before.

I handed the father his son’s limp wrist and asked him to keep check of his pulse. In reality I just wanted to distract him from the reality of loosing his son and horror of what he was now witnessing.

“Keep an eye on his pulse; it might be a little weak…” I told him. I still had no pulse at the neck, so the father was probably registering nothing as well. He never said otherwise.

“CPR?…” I asked.

“Yeah, we’ve done heaps,” the lifeguard answered, “but I can’t do any more…”

I turned and looked at the exhausted lifeguard. “You’ll do more. You simply have to. You’re all he has right now!”

“Alright,” the lifeguard replied, as he wearily commenced with CPR again. This time, however, the boy’s lungs expanded as the air filled him. At last! The blockage was free!

By now I had a fairly large group surrounding me who were barking various commands. It was so confusing as each individual offered a suggestion about what should be done, but I continued as per the manual etched into my memory through years of training. It was completely instinctive, and I knew CPR and blood movement was vital to keeping this kid alive.

“Keep going…” I told the lifeguard to continue. Over and over we went through the cycle while I monitored the boy’s pulse and carefully watched for any sign of life. I needed to observe to ensure we didn’t end up damaging the boys’ beating heart should he suddenly kick into life.

I was now trembling slightly as we repeatedly continued. My stomach began to tighten as I wondered the worst possible outcome.

Finally I noticed the little boy take a small, shallow breath, and I felt a faint pulse return in his neck.

“Stop!” I exclaimed.

Startled, the boy’s mother and father looked at me. I’m sure they thought I was calling an end to our efforts and pronouncing their son dead.

“We need to stop, he’s breathing a bit now…” I reassured them. The boy’s chest movement was very shallow, and when I moved the father’s hand to his son’s neck, he finally smiled a bit with relief.

What seemed like minutes was only a few seconds when the boy’s eye opened, his throat moved, his jaw clenched to clear the remaining meat from his throat. I gently patted his back and the rest of the sausage finally came out with a bit of fluid and some more blood. Finally, a deep breath came from him along with a sigh of relief from me.

“I wanna get out,” he said in his little voice before bursting into tears, looking around him in shock and terror.

Those four words are the best anyone has said to me in my entire life.

Please Help Me

Help Me

This is the last place I thought I would be posting this update, but I really need your help today more than ever before.

For the past 3 years I have deliberately kept my personal identity completely separated from this profile as an author because it has caused me massive headaches in the past with my career. A friend told me that “It seems a shame to be living in shame” when I told him why I was keeping my two lives so completely separate, and he also said that one day I’d probably have to come out & reveal myself.

My name is Pete & I live in Pukekawa, New Zealand. It is a very small rural community situated south of Auckland on the other side of the Waikato River. The locals here are all farmers and small lifestyle block owners whose properties dapple the hills and windy roads for about 20 miles north to south. It has been my home for several years now and the people are so supportive of each other in every conceivable way. Here, all our neighbours have become our trusted friends.

Pukekawa school has several dozen children attending it and is probably considered to be one of the smallest schools in New Zealand. What it lacks in numbers it gains in spirit though and we are locked into a Social Media battle with another couple of schools in a contest hosted by Dole New Zealand. This is where I need your help: to gather votes for our school to win the day and to raise funds for the School – & I am on bended knee pleading for you to do so.

Our community is small with a very limited number of parents being in the situation to vote & share this cause. None of our kids are aged 12 or older so we simply can not have them vote either. This puts us at an immediate disadvantage which is worsened by the fact that over 50% of the community only has dial-up internet coverage. So with limited numbers, underaged voters, and lack of internet, we are facing a mountain of a challenge to come out on top.

For now we are winning the vote tally, but new challengers turning up have massive advantages over our school: They are much larger school’s 3-to-6 times bigger than ourselves, with more kids who can vote, and in a residential area fully charged with broadband internet coverage. This contest relies upon voting strength, & I know that playground is the perfect situation for viral voting within the very school grounds that would completely swamp our little rural dream.

We want to improve the learning experience of every kid in our small 5-classroom school of 5-to-10 year olds


Right now I desperately need your votes on this website. I am one of a couple of parents running this campaign & we all knew it would be a huge struggle right from the start, but we have managed to make a break and take a lead. But with one week to go, the enemy have managed to gain a huge amount of ground to be within a couple of dozen votes away from taking the lead. The first day of school for this week was yesterday and it really showed the the voters and campaigners were out in force in their playground gathering more momentum.

For our school, success would make a distinct change to each and every child attending class. We could practically double the amount of time they spend learning math and spelling on the latest iPad technology and gift them the opportunity to learn at the pace of other schools within the broadband saturated residential areas.

I won’t deny that both schools need the funding and would benefit, but in life sometime you have to take sides, and I’m just fortunate enough to be battling for the underdog in this situation and I know that I can make a significant difference and win with your valuable help and support.

shutterstock_194807468Click here to register your vote today:

Please share this post, and the url above in Facebook or anywhere else, as you feel fit to help spread this cause around the world to help gain as many other interested parties as possible.

Challenge your friends, family, and followers to take up the quest and back up our young primary school children in this battle against the larger college kids.






Flick of my wrist

Won’t you watch over me,
To return me to sleep,
For only this do I plead,
Only then will I be free.

Now my eyes are aching,
Its difficult to breathe,
My ears are ringing,
Peaceful bliss I need.

Yet I lie here in vain,
Without a single pain,
On the verge of insane,
Night and night again.

I’m searching for a bliss,
Calm motion of your kiss,
But I put an end to this,
With a flick of my wrist,

My fingers pass on by,
Caressing your silky thigh,
I sense your subtle sigh,
As passion bursts with desire.

I caress your subtle waist,
Before I carefully baste,
Sipping nectar from your space,
How I adore your sleepy taste.

Soon I am fully engorged,
My blood so thick and warm,
So I enter where you pour,
Knuckles sliding forever more.

As you emerge from your dream,
My body enters through your seam,
Sending your senses fleeing,
With tiny shocks through your being.

Our hips touch together now,
As I thrust deep like a plow,
To a motion you know how,
That brings you to a magic shower.

Clenching tight upon my girth,
Toes arching toward the earth,
I penetrate goddesses purse,
With a final sudden burst.

As you wash over me,
Returning me to sleep,
Mingling with my love seed,
Finally setting my soul free.

(C) 2014 PJ Bayliss

How Could I forget

How could I ever,
Begin to forget,
Your beautiful smile,
And black satin fishnets.
I will always remember,
From the day we first met,
‘Till the night we made love,
And your acceptance as my pet.
In your black leather tights,
Studded collar around neck,
With your spiked high heels,
Corset lace framing your back.
So eager to please,
While accepting my hand,
As I mercifully teased,
Kneeling where I now stand.
The scented beauty of your lust,
I consume it with a thrill,
Your pleasure zones contract,
Beckoning me to drill.
With your head bowed down,
Toward my anchored feet,
I apply my first mark,
Upon your taught seat.
With a pleasurable moan,
Writhing in such bliss,
The pain now resides,
From my serpents kiss.
Stainless chain becomes taut,
As you wince toward the floor,
Cowering within my shadow,
Yet your nectar now pours.
Deep down inside,
Like a river of tears,
Smouldering embers,
Burn away any fears.
Another kiss from the whip,
Tickles down your firm thigh,
Resolution bedding in,
With your ecstatic sigh.
The chain shortens up,
You look up from the earth,
In awe you now sigh,
My unleashed girth.
Pulsating pleasure,
Engraved with thick veins,
I slide past your moist lips,
The depth is insane.
The taste of my flesh,
Work it slowly my pet,
As I decide what to do,
With your body next.
I grace the moist warmth,
Of your sensual mouth,
While I  yearn to devour,
Sacred place further south.
Brushing your hair,
Revealing your eyes,
I admire your gaze,
From between my thighs.
With a simple glance,
 I reveal what you know,
The time has now come,
To engage your soul from below.
Your zipped leather pants,
Quickly peel off like new skin,
Before I prepare your body,
For such lust engorged sin.
Testing the waters,
I press just a few,
Fingers deep inside,
The inner realm of you.
Your ripe to the touch,
So moist inside,
I languish within,
Your beautiful hide.
With a brief metallic clip,
I secure your posture collar,
To maintain your restraint,
and muffle any hollar.
With your saliva coating,
My erection so thick,
I spread you apart,
To enter you quick.
Firm, hard, and fast,
As you desire it so,
Working your goddess,
‘Till she doeth flow.
As I slide veraciously,
Firmly to and deeper fro,
Goddess sparking frenzy,
Unsure to come, or go.
My presence fulfils you,
Like a chemical reaction,
While your stomach contracts,
Upon the verge of spasm.
Our bodies so tight,
With every lust filled beat,
Edging ever so close,
Splayed upon my hot meat.
At this pace we will last,
For several hours,
Or until our bodies melt,
Into carnal showers.
As the surge of desire,
Nearly drives you insane,
While I pull you closer still,
Empaled upon my love vein.
But you know the time is not,
For your finish quite yet,
 For upon my command,
You shall come my pet.
Upon my command,
You will bend and bow,
Hollar and cry,
And come right now.
(c) 2014 PJ Bayliss

Pour me a river

Slowly I now open,
My tired and weary eyes,
Discovering your presence,
Subdued and tied.
Your wrists bound tight,
Ankles pulled apart,
A criss-cross pattern,
Protecting your heart.
Your satin nightie,
So taught under strain,
Eyes tearing up,
In lust without pain.
As I flex my wrist,
Your arms lurch forward,
As I own every motion,
Controlled by a cord.
Exposing your body,
To my every desire,
This submission you provide,
Becomes fuel to my fire.
You whimper some words,
That tempt my ear,
“Fuck me hard Sir,
Take me now, right here.”
With a smirk I respond,
With a jerk of the rope,
Spreading you apart,
Exposing your hope.
“Oh baby won’t you,
Wait there for me?
Upon the crisp edge,
Of pure ecstasy?”
My reply leaves you short,
Of life-filling breath,
As I whisper once again,
At the nape of your neck.
“Pour me a river,
In amber not gold,
Be my little angel,
And do as you’re told”
(c) 2014 PJ Bayliss
Hope you enjoyed this so far – it’s a bit of a work-in-progress which I think could be drawn out a bit longer… ;)

Voice of Erotica – 50 Shades of Grey perspective

I just had to snigger a little bit when I stumbled upon this poem the other day…

If you haven’t checked out VOE yet, check them out on Twitter @VoiceOfErotica or at the webpage above. They’ve got some great sex-tips-tricks and a blog that rocks.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



By PJ Bayliss


The sweeper was there in the club that day,
he donated his time and gave us a smile,
but I was busy and could not afford to stay,
the next day he dropped after running a mile.
The red-nosed gentleman always said hi,
regardless of what went on in his life,
eager to hear how my day had gone by,
I heard of his death by his gracious wife.
We drove down the road, cursed at the car,
casually labelling the stranger a jerk,
even with doctors attending right there,
the stranger remained, never made it to work.
My Grandfather always seemed grumpy & mean,
but strong willed and always merry with beer,
until one afternoon he coughed up his spleen,
my last words had made my feelings quite clear.
The dust barely settles as he falls on foreign soil,
the uniformed child with his kids at home,
a journalist captures the moment blood spoils,
his kids learn when online they roam.
I sit in my bunker and peer through my eyes,
calmly putting everything to the test,
hiding from this world and my untimely demise,
 running from the night when I don’t rest.
My existence lives in a corridor of time,
rolling messages and pages of words,
caring for lives who are not mine,
content with an ending if I am heard.

‎- Mon Ami


(C) 2012 PJ Bayliss

The Fireplace Scene

Chaise returned to the room to find Autumn standing amidst the light of the open fire.  She was dripping wet with her sodden clothes lumped in a pile at her feet.

There was no room to hide under her white silk panties and bra. Chaise paused for a moment as he entered to catch his breath.

“So is that the second time I’ve pulled you from the waters’ edge now?” He said playfully.

“Yes. So it seems.” Autumn replied, “Are you my saviour?”

Chaise laughed. “Isn’t that the line I used at the beach those many years ago?”

Chaise liked the idea of being her saviour. A role that he could get used to very quickly with his prized guest. He handed her a fresh set of clothes to change into. “I’m afraid that’s the best we have here at present. Just some old comfy sweets of mine.” Overhead, a distant crack of thunder rumbled as the approaching storm homed in to the cottage.

It seemed like the rain had arrived at a very fortuitous time for the pair. Chaise turned away to protect her modesty as he towelled himself off.

“Whenever you’re ready Autumn…”
“I am now.”

Chaise turned around. This time she was completely bare. Light echoed out from the flames of the fire as the wood slowly cracked and burnt away. For a moment, he was mesmerised by her curvaceous body. Everything he desired in a sensual playground was there for the taking. He composed.

“I meant, when you’re dressed hun.” His muscles sparked across his shoulders and down to his spine. That was the first time he had used that word after being with her for as so many days. Know he realised just how much she meant to him.

“I can see that getting you dressed will be a problem though…”

“ Why bother?”

Chaise casually stepped forward to being within mere inches of her, and that space was fast being filled.

“I do prefer my new toys being wrapped.” He said coyly as they looked into each others eyes. “Lucky for me, I have something here already that’s just. Perfect.”

Chaise removed the towel wrapped around his waist and cast it over Autumns shoulders, drying the ends of her hair. The electrifying tension between them appeared to be amplified by the sparking fire. Subtle light and orange glow from the embers applied penetrating warmth to their bodies.

“I can see you need a lesson in “Attire” my dear…”

Autumn looked confused. She felt this was what he would want. It most certainly was precisely what she wanted right there in front of the fireplace. It had been a long journey so far for her and she felt her destiny was within his hands. As she pondered his next move, Chaise reached towards the fireplace and grasped a long white silk scarf. In a calculated move, he let it unroll and drop to the ground.

“Do you propose to teach me then?” she inquired.

“Something like that. Not quite a lesson, but more like a rule.”

“A rule?” Autumn was surprised. “You’re not much for following rules. You said so yourself”

“I know. There are some rules that serve to protect us, and they shouldn’t be broken. Unless of course you like risk… However, there are also MY RULES. They start and end here.” He said indicating towards himself.

Curiously Autumn enquired. “What is this rule then? How does it apply to me?”

Chaise smiled, and in his familiar manner began to blindfold her. “This rule is simple: I prefer my new toys to be gift-wrapped. MOTHER insists.”


It was the first time he had spoken about his mother. He only once mentioned that his Mother had died some time ago…

“Your Mother Chaise?”
“Yes. That’s right.”

Autumn was now on edge and quite alarmed. Her subconscious was rapidly flicking between “Trust” and concern for her own health. Previous experiences with Chaise had only revealed a kind, generous man. However, she also knew of his spontaneous tendencies. She attempted to guide the discussion to her favour.

“You don’t talk about her much. What was she like?
“Mother was very fussy and always keeping things in place at home. She was fastidious about our toys. And always insisted they arrived at the house wrapped.”

“As gifts?”

“As anything…” Chaise said in a determined manner. “That’s why I must now wrap you…”

With the blindfold now firmly in place, Autumn was once again cast into Chaise’s underworld. She heard him quickly fossick about behind her before returning.

“Let’s get the heat up in here Hun.” He whispered across her shoulder. The words seemed to trickle down her bosom.
“Yes.” She replied.

No sooner had she said that, she started to regret. The fossicking noise from behind her then migrated to the side of the fireplace. The brandishing chime of cast iron and brass rung out. Chaise had taken hand of the fireplace poker…

Chaise said, “Some more wood on the fire will help us…”, then he muttered, “…as if that will be necessary.”  Once again he stood up from the fireplace and approached Autumn. Grasping her wrists he placed a matching set of delicately lace knickers and a supportive French brassiere. Aqua blue trim decorated the ‘costume’ and outlined the exotic black silk pattern.

“I’m guessing this may be a first for you Autumn?”

“Sorry? What do you mean?”
“This. Now. You know what I intend to do don’t you?
“No Chaise. What is it?”

Chaise’s smirk turned into a small chuckle.

“My dearest Autumn. I’m first going to dress you. I’d like us to start making love where I believe it always should begin. At First Sight.”

Autumns’ face blushed a fiery red as they stood beside the fireplace which in turn sent shivers through her neck and shoulders.

“I cherish First Sight with a vengeance Autumn. You understand?”

“Kind of…” she replied apprehensively, “Yes.”

“Well, to me at least, First Sight is one on those forever moments in life. One that lasts a lifetime in a relationship. It’s eternally rendered onto your canvas.”

The shivers that had been dancing across her shoulders suddenly dropped to her midline waist, buttocks, thighs and calves. She was earthed to his every word through desire.

“I have never heard of it before..” She said

“You’ll soon see Hun. Let me put this on…”

His strong firm hands rolled around her wrists as he slid the straps on. Purposefully he pushed the brassiere up past her elbows towards her shoulders. All the time her sensitive skin from wrist to elbow retained contact with his fingers. The movement seemed to recharge her body with an electrifying chill. The cup finally lodged into place around her pulsating bosom before his trained hands clipped her into place.

“It’s a perfect fit.” Chaise said. “I bet you wish you could see.”
“Oh yes…I do.” Replied Autumn.

“Maybe you could understand if you tried this…” he lifted her hands u to her breast. She cringed expectantly as her fingers ran over the material. It felt beautiful on both sides of the lace amplifying her charge even furthermore

“It feels so beautiful Chaise. Thank you so much.”

“That’s fine Hun, but I’m not through yet…” he replied. With that he used his feet to firmly tap the insides of her feet. “I need you to spread your feet. Just a little bit.” He tapped once more. “…Just a couple of inches more…” he said.

Now Autumn was completely in his hands. Blood raced through her thighs and calves as she stood next to the fire. Tiny beads of moisture started to form in the strangest of places. Her palms, and ankles where the strain took place. She felt woozy and reached out to steady herself finding Chaise’s shoulders. Stability, once again she felt earthed in place.

“Let’s try these on now.” His voice beamed in through the silk of night. With that she felt her stable platform heed downward before towards her ankles and ground. Shuddering with lust, she hoped he would soon come to her beckoning need.

“You’re wet.” Chaise said. “Almost soaking still.”
Flabbergasted Autumn reeled in surprise and tried to compose an answer. “Oh my! Really! I’m sorry I don’t mean to…. I mean, I’m trying to…”

“I need a towel.” Chaise interrupted. “Never mind. I’ll do.”

“I’ll do?” Autumn queried herself what that meant.

Chaise purposefully reached between her thighs, shoulder deep, and drew back his arm against her now cresting Venus. Like a sword taken to the goddess herself, he wiped her completely dry in a single spine tingling stroke. Autumns knees almost gave way from beneath her like an avalanche.

Autumn gasped in desperation. As she exhaled, her lips stung from having the last drop of water cast from them. Now she was once again off balanced as Chaise gently picked her ankle up off the ground. Silence resounded around them with only the gentle crackling of wood from the fireplace bringing Autumn to her senses.

Chaise then picked up the other foot planting her firmly into the recently acquisitioned knickers. Purposefully he drew then up her legs preventing any exit of sense for Autumn. Her charge was flooding every gate inside.

Finally they were fitted. His hands then grasped her roused buttocks as the material snug tight. Chaise then muzzled his nose deep into her aching mound. He inhaled and drew a long breath from the material. As he exhaled he caught his own voice.

“I love the scent of you through fresh lace.”

CONTINUED First Sight >>>